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am i a cutie?

>>>BASiCS //

>>>OPiNiONS ON //

Teenage Sex/pregnancy?>
ugh. well, i say it's so dumb but if all these slutty teens must have sex and get pregnant that's their own problem that they have to deal with.

Bush?>ewww. i hate him so much. He's ugly and he's an asshole. Sorry if I offend you in any way. But yeah... ever since he became president our country has been going downhill... whoa I hate politics.

Self Harm?>This is sooooooo stupid. WhenI see people cut themselves on tv or on a movie on wanna like cry. lol. im so lame but yeah, why would you do this to yourself?!!!?!! try doing something else nonharmful to release your pain.

Drinking/Driving:>another dumb thing to do. Don't be dumb enough to drive while you're totally drunk.At least take a cab or somehing.

>>>I SAY, YOU SAY //

yummm i love food. like cheesecake. oh geez. :orgasm:
Dance:>I don't dance. sorry. cept when it comes to DDR (dance dance revolution)
Hate:>bad things
Love:>I love my baby Richard.
Spring:>my favorite season : )
Music:>music is my life. besides my boy. lol. i love hawthorne heights, avril, punchline, tripleshot, hellogoodbye, brand new, REM, HIM, Bjork, the cure... and sooo any more bands.

>>>LASTLY //

Why do you wanna join?>
it sounds like great fun.
Promote us in your journal.>oh I will of course!
Post the direct link to that entry here:>alrighty....right here.
Will you put in alot of effort towards this community?>yes.. cause I'm online like 24/7.

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