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>>>BASiCS //
-Name~ Cassie
-Age~ 14
-Location~ Ontario, Canada (No, I don't live in an igloo!)
-Birthdate~ January 31, 1990

>>>OPiNiONS ON //

Teenage Sex/pregnancy?  Retarded. Stupid...and quite illegal. Why do I think this? Key word: Teen. Sex, by what everyone tells me, is supposed to be between people who are in love. How can you be in love when you're only a teen? Do teens even know what love is? I know I sure don't. Hmmm...

Bush?  Can't stand the guy. No offense to George-lovers or anything...but I just don't like him. I'm not exactly one to talk though, I'm not American...I'm Canadian..

Self Harm? I seriously don't understand it. Generally, people harm themselves because they're in pain...usually emotionally. But why cause yourself physical pain as well? Just trying to see how much pain you can take?

Drinking/Driving: I'm totally against it. Seriously, if you're going to drink and drive, you're an idiot...but at least do it without other people in the car. *sigh*

>>>I SAY, YOU SAY //

Food: SUGAR!
Dance: Trip and Fall.
Hate: Knife
Love: Heart
Spring: Slinkie!
Music: LOUD!

>>>LASTLY //

Why do you wanna join? Cause I think it'll be fun...looks promising:)
Promote us in your journal.
Post the direct link to that entry here:

Will you put in alot of effort towards this community? Indeed!

Me= on the right.

I'm the one getting the piggy-back:)

Me and my friend Vanessa trying to do that wrestling counting thinger...didn't work too well=S

I look high in that pic =S (I swear I'm not!!)

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