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Tiffany Kilgore


>>>BASiCS //
-Name: Tiffany
-Age: 15; almost 16
-Location: South Pittsburg
-Birthdate: 12/17/88

>>>OPiNiONS ON //

Teenage Sex/pregnancy? If you're responsible enough to have sex then you should be responsible enough to protect yourself.

Bush? I really dislike Bush. I believe that he has started a war with another country without enough evidence and just for oil. I really hope that Kerry wins this election.

Self Harm? I don't believe that hurting yourself on the outside kills the pain on the inside. I know people that do. I know some "straight edge" kids that cut themselves to show their dedication not to harm themselves with drugs or anything like that.

Drinking/Driving: Drinking and driving is never a good idea. I do hear that it is pretty fun, but I wouldn't personally take the change on harming myself and others because I wasn't conscience enough to drive.

>>>I SAY, YOU SAY //

Food: Please! I love food.
Dance: Party over here!
Hate: Brush your shoulders off.
Love: Hurts.
Spring: Let's go swimmin'!
Music: Emo.

>>>LASTLY //

Why do you wanna join? I want to join because I think that it would be a great thing to be in a community with a bunch of nice people that I can share things with.

Promote us in your journal.
Post the direct link to that entry here:

Will you put in alot of effort towards this community? As much as you guys want.

( Sorry. I don't have an 100x100 picture, and i'm confused about resizing. )

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