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arg. i'm not soo good with this lj cut. hope this works. :)

>>>BASiCS //
-Name .Jen.
-Age .15.
-Location .AL.
-Birthdate .Sept 16th.

>>>OPiNiONS ON //

Teenage Sex/pregnancy? .Biggest mistake in the world. I made a mistake, and then thought I was pregnant; it totally ruined my life. Since then, I have helped several others by talking them out of it. No one needs to go what I went through, no one that I truely care about. Even though it turned out I was pregnant, it was the biggest relief in my LIFE! No one should think their relationship is serious enough to get sexually active. In the long-run, no matter if you got pregnant or not, it isn't worth it.

Bush? .Biggest wierdo ever. I think he's strong for what he's had to deal with in the war, but he's an idiot. I would have never voted for him in the first place.

Self Harm? .Been there, done that. It's all overrated. People that do it, are just crying out for help because for some reason, they have lost something or no one cares. In my case, my boyfriend had died. But I had the support of several, several friends, who I wouldn't be here without. :) love you guys.

Drinking/Driving: .I lost a boyfriend to it, and several other friends. I quit drinking due to it, and I'd hope more people did in the near future. I don't want to have to go through losing someone else that close. And I wouldn't want someone having to go through it for someone that they were close to, though I'm sure most have already.

>>>I SAY, YOU SAY //

Food: .Man, I'm wayy hungry. Lunch is in 30 minutes!.
Dance: .Two left feet :\.
Hate: .Negativity.
Love: .TYLER.
Spring: .'Lil happy bunny rabbits and frollicking through the flowers. Haa.
Music: .It's what keeps us all sane.

>>>LASTLY //

Why do you wanna join? .Cause I think it's cool!.
Promote us in your journal. .I'm going to. Did!
Post the direct link to that entry here: .Hope it works :/. .http://www.livejournal.com/~thirtyy5/6507.html.

Will you put in alot of effort towards this community? .Yes. I have a computer class in school (where I am now) and this is what I do from 9:30 - 11:20. woop woop.


Um, sorry. I can try to link the pics from this other community of me, hm. I am somewhat limited as so what I can do since I'm at school. Stupid firewalls. And I realize it's only two pics. I'm going to add another one when I get home. I couldn't get that one pic to work for me in the other community, so yeah. I'll use another one. Sorry. :/


not a very good pic. i appologize.

also, not the best pic in the world.


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